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2013 World Wide Open Conference – Poster Guidelines

The Poster Fair at this year’s conference has been designed to give students the opportunity to present information about the following types of experiences in education abroad:

  • Outcomes of research performed for class assignments or for senior thesis requirements
  • An overview of activities that took place during a service-learning project abroad
  • A travelogue that explains how study abroad contributed to personal growth and development
  • Highlights of an internship experience
  • Propose something unique that we haven’t thought about!

Students will stand alongside their posters during one of our conference sessions and will be expected to engage other conference attendees in conversation about their poster.  Posters will be hung at the beginning of the conference and may be viewed through the end of the event.

For students who need some guidelines for preparing a conference poster, please see these guidelines prepared by North Carolina State University.

Students intending to submit a poster proposal should send an e-mail with their name, school, study abroad program, their semester of study abroad, and the poster title to Kimberly Cameron of Rider University at

Deadline for this statement of intent to Kimberly Cameron is January 31, 2013.

This is a great way to earn a professional credential at an academic conference!  We look forward to receiving your proposals.

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