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France-Univ Blaise Pascal

TCNJ Exchange with Universite Blaise Pascal, Vichy/Clermont-Ferrand, France

 Courses in Business, French as a Foreign Language, and Social Sciences (in English in Vichy) and French as a Foreign Language/full curriculum (in Clermont-Ferrand)

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Fall 2016   Spring 2017

Université Blaise Pascal (soon to be renamed Université Clermont Auvergne) has over 14,000 students at its main campus in Clermont-Ferrand (population 140,000) and on several satellite campuses, including one in Vichy (population 26,000).  Both Clermont-Ferrand and Vichy are in the Auvergne region in the center of France.  Paris is about 3.5 hours away by train, and the Mediterranean coast is approximately the same distance from the UBP campus. UBP is a comprehensive university, offering bachelor, master, and doctoral degrees in Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Language and Cultural Studies, and Science and Technology.

UBP-TCNJ is an exchange program – students will be charged TCNJ tuition and pay room and board in France. Students on STARS II scholarships may use these scholarships for this exchange program and all other exchange programs. (For more information about financial aid, please see an advisor at the Center for Global Engagement or contact Student Financial Services in Green Hall 101.)

There are two different types of study abroad opportunities at UBP:

A) Vichy: International Business with French Program – taught in English (for TCNJ majors in the School of Business, including International Business, and International Studies, plus Liberal Learning courses for students in any major)

B) Clermont-Ferrand: Intensive French as a Foreign Language and/or regular classes with French students in French

A) Vichy: International Business with French – Each semester there are a slate of classes, taught in English, with a focus upon international business and the European Union.  Students also have an option to complete a research project that will be guided by a member of the UBP faculty.  Each student will also take a unit of French language – absolute beginners will take the introductory level of French, and there are more intermediate and advanced levels of French on offer.

There is a comprehensive booklet with all courses, course descriptions and outlines, and program details available here.

The following courses are all 0.75 units/3 credits:

Fall 2016 Spring 2017

European History

Negotiating in Practice

International Marketing

Principles of Management

Export Sales Management

Doing Business in France

Principles of Finance

Selling in Other Countries

Cross-Cultural Communication: Practice
International Business
Negotiating Techniques International Trade
Cross-Cultural Communication: Theory
European Union – Diversity and Unity France as a Tourist Destination
Research Project – Independent Study European Union – Diversity and Unity
Project Management Research Project – Independent Study

The required course in French language will transfer back as one unit/four semester credits.  Thus, students can take four UBP courses in English plus the required French class and receive four TCNJ units of credit.

Students who chose to spend the entire year at UBP will earn a diploma from the university and be eligible for a housing stipend that would significantly offset this expense at UBP.

Housing Options in Vichy range from a university residence hall, homestay, to shared apartments in the town – from approximately $300-500 a month, depending on the option chosen.  All accommodations will be within walking of the Vichy campus, which is located downtown in Vichy. Students may take meals on campus for breakfast and lunch.

B) Intensive French as a Foreign Language and/or regular classes with French students in French – There is an intensive French language program at six levels on the main Clermont-Ferrand campus, with students from around the world intent on improving their French language skills.  As language is the key to opening up the mysteries of any culture, students in French classes will learn much about French civilization and have all the tools necessary to explore the city, the surrounding countryside, and the highlights of French culture throughout the country.

Students wanting to learn more about the intensive French language options should click here.  Students will be registered for 17 hours of French language instruction a week (equivalent to 4.25 TCNJ units) and the courses depend upon the placement test level achieved by the student.  (Usually the student will be able to involve her/his French language professor at TCNJ in a conversation with the UBP staff to determine placement.)

A student who has advanced French language skills who would like to take courses with French students may construct a course of study at UBP.

Student accommodations are available in Clermont-Ferrand in university residence halls and private student residences.

Learn more about Blaise Pascal!

  • University Home Page (in English)
  • UBP Exchange Students Page

Applying to TCNJ to participate in the exchange

For more information about the TCNJ exchange with the Universite Blaise Pascal, France please contact a study abroad advisor in the International and Off-Campus Programs office in Green Hall 111.