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England-Univ of Nottingham

 TCNJ Exchange with the University of Nottingham, Nottingham (East Midlands), England

 Courses in the Humanities and Social Sciences – for majors in English/English Secondary Education and History/History Secondary Education

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Fall 2016   Spring 2017

The University of Nottingham, a member of the prestigous Universitas 21 international network of universities, has established an exchange relationship with TCNJ in the past year.  There are 21,000+ undergraduates at Nottingham and more than 13,000 graduate students.  That said, the campus is surprisingly intimate, with students living in Harry Potter-like residential colleges and experiencing a sense of close-knit community.

The TCNJ-Nottingham relationship focuses upon English and History – majors in both departments (including Education majors) with a 3.0 GPA or higher have priority in this relationship at the present time.  Courses in the Humanities may be taken at Nottingham – unfortunately, students cannot combine Liberal Learning courses outside of the Humanities at this stage of the relationship.

The first thing a student should do to learn more about Nottingham is to review the interactive guide for exchange students.  There are sixteen pages in this guide, and there are many links to helpful resources.

The next step is to determine what courses (“modules” in British English) are available to students.  Please go to their online module finder and enter “Humanities” to get a bird’s eye view of offerings.  Students should try to find four modules that work for them in this group.

The final step is preparing the TCNJ application for study abroad.  In 2017-2018 we may send two students of English and two students of History to Nottingham (each for a semester).  We encourage students to apply in the Fall 2017 cycle – meaning to apply by February 26, 2016 for consideration in Fall 2017 or Spring 2018.

With assistance from the English and History departments, students will be selected for the exchange and encouraged to complete the Nottingham online application.

Students with an interest in Nottingham should also weigh their options in our Northumbria University exchange in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in the Northeast of England.  Students rave about this exchange program, and the entire NU curriculum is available.  (There are no restrictions upon the number of students we can send to Northumbria.)

Learn more about Nottingham!

Applying to TCNJ to participate in the exchange (2 Step Process):

For more information about the TCNJ exchange with the University of Nottingham, England please contact a study abroad advisor in the International and Off-Campus Programs office in Green Hall 111.