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Envisioning Europe: Spring 2013 Schedule

The TCNJ Center for Global Engagement, with support from the TCNJ Cultural and Intellectual Community Program Council,  TCNJ’s School of Humanities & Social Sciences and the New Jersey Council for the Humanities, will host a yearlong lecture and film series on the theme:

“Envisioning Europe: Tyranny and Freedom in History, Literature and Film
A lecture and film series at The College of New Jersey

SPRING 2013 Events are as follows:

Fri Feb 15, New Education Building 212 – 3pm 
Harald Leibrecht , German Bundestag
“Envisioning Europe: From Divided Continent to Trusted Ally” 

Wed Feb 20, Library Auditorium, 6pm
The Ninth Day (Germany, 2004) 

Thu Feb 21, Library Auditorium, 7pm 
Yaakov Kabalek , Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Retrospective Ethics: Moral Choices in Postwar German Films about the Nazi Era 

Wed Feb 27, New Education Building 212, 3:00pm
18 Jus Soli – The Right of Soil: We Are All Italians, Just Not Legally (Italy, 2012) 

Thu Feb 28, New Education Building 212, 6:00pm
Inside Buffalo (Italy, 2008)

Wed March 27, New Education Building 115, 6pm 
Solovky Power (USSR, 1987) and A Taste of Freedom (USSR, 1991), two Soviet documentaries by Marina Goldovskaya (UCLA)

Thu March 28, New Education Building, 7pm
A Bitter Taste of Freedom (Russia, 2011) and Film Discussion with Marina Goldovskaya (UCLA)

Wed April 3, Library Auditorium, 6pm 
Larks on a String (Czechoslovakia, 1969) 

Thu April 4, Library Auditorium, 7pm 
Herbert Eagle, University of Michigan
Battling Tyranny in Czech New Wave Film 

All events are free and open to the public. For further information, please contact the CGE at