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IMG_7041Information Sessions:

Friday, Sept 11, 12:30 in AIMM 230
Wednesday, Sept 16, 4:00pm in AIMM 230

This 3-week experience includes visits to the major classical sites of Athens, Olympia, and Delphi, as well as to important sites from other periods of Greek history, such as Mycenae, Epidauros, Thessaloniki, Pella, and Vergina. The course examines various artistic media and intellectual traditions– especially literature, philosophy, architecture, and decorative sculptural programs in their concrete physical context, with attention to their religious and cultural functions as well as their social, political, historical, and/or artistic value.  The study of the ancient sites will take place mostly on site and in the museums.  At the same time, students read literary texts, including the tragedies of Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides, and examine the ways in which these literary works developed and how they explored religious beliefs and images in order to contribute to or challenge social and cultural cohesion. Although the course focuses on ancient Greece, classes will be held in a country currently at the heart of the European experiment with a single currency. Greece is undergoing economic reorganization and social fluctuations that challenge even the idea of a European Union. Being in Greece for three weeks at this critical time will allow us to better understand and appreciate the Greeks as a nation and as individuals, as well as their relationship to the rest of Europe, and will provide rich opportunities to make connections between the past and the present.

CLS 351/HON 351 – An Odyssey in Greece: An Exploration of Ancient Greek Culture and Places (1 unit, Liberal Learning Elective in Literary, Visual and Performing Arts; Global)

Program Directors: Dr. Lee Ann Riccardi, Art/Classical Studies and Dr. Holly Haynes, Classical Studies

No Pre-Requisites, Language Requirements, or GPA Restrictions – Open to all students (including current first-year students)

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Planned excursions include:

  • IMG_7106Athens: Acropolis Site, Ancient Athenian Agora, National Archaeological Museum, Acropolis Museum
  • Corinth: Acrocorinth, Corinth archaeological site and museum
  • Epidauros; Nafplion; Mycenae; Tiryns
  • Olympia site and museum
  • Delphi: site, Parnassus hike, Delphi archaeological museum
  • Meteora and Ioannina
  • Pella site and museum
  • Vergina site
  • Thessaloniki: Archaeological Museum, archaeological sites, and Byzantine churches

Program Fee: $3,954.18

  • Includes: Application Fee, Tuition/Fees (for both in-state and out-of-state students), all arrangements on land in Greece and  – bed/breakfast, ground transportation, and entrances – plus insurance.
  • Does not include: Airfare, lunches and dinners, personal expenses

Payment Schedule (Cash or Check Payable to TCNJ – pending Treasurer’s approval): 

All payments should be brought to the Student Accounts office, Green Hall 119.

Refund, Cancellation, and Withdrawal Policy – Please review our policy statement should a student not be able to participate in the program.

Questions?  Please contact the TCNJ Center for Global Engagement at, 609-771-2596.