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Australia-La Trobe U/Melbourne

La Trobe University, located in Bundoora (a nearby suburb of Melbourne – see the skyline in the background of the photo!) in Australia, is a comprehensive university with over 30,000 students. Approximately 22,000 students are located on the Bundoora campus in Melbourne.  La Trobe offers courses in practically all TCNJ majors – it is a great choice for any TCNJ student for an exchange semester.  Most courses in Australia are worth one TCNJ unit/four semester credits, which makes it easy to transfer academic coursework back to our campus.

The academic year in Australia is a bit different from the US – “Semester 1″ corresponds on our Spring semester, but it takes place between February and June. “Semester 2″ corresponds to our Fall semester and runs from July to November.

Students will live in student residences near the LTU campus.

The exciting part about the LTU exchange is that practically any TCNJ student can participate – La Trobe has so many options for TCNJ students – even Nursing majors!

Here is a step-by-step guide for students planning to study abroad in Melbourne at La Trobe University: