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Argentina-Univ de San Andrés

TCNJ Exchange with the Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina

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The Universidad de San Andres is TCNJ’s exchange partner in Argentina.  San Andres is a private university in the northern suburbs of Buenos Aires, the country’s capital, with an enrollment of 1,200 students.  Using a liberal arts model as its academic foundation, UdeSA’s mission is to train its students to make significant contributions to Argentina’s economic and social development as well as world affairs.  It is a serious institution with serious international academic partners…including TCNJ!UdeSA provides opportunities for advanced students of Spanish to enroll directly into UdeSA courses taught in Spanish.  There is an intensive summer language course for students who would like to improve their Spanish before the semester starts in August, but TCNJ students need to be aware that this exchange program is for advanced students of Spanish, and all courses will be taken in Spanish alongside Argentine students.  There are courses in business administration, international relations, literature, political science, history, psychology, and sociology.There are no special courses for study abroad students during the regular semester at UdeSA.  Students enroll in four courses, each worth 1.25 TCNJ units, alongside degree-seeking students at UdeSA.  Students in the social sciences and humanities (including Spanish majors and minors) will find a variety of interesting courses available.Students studying in our fall semester have the option of taking an optional intensive Spanish language course during the summer.  The course is worth 1.25 TCNJ units and provides a homestay experience to encourage students to practice their Spanish 24/7.  The homestay experience also provides a base from which to explore housing options for the semester program.

Most students live off-campus with other students (including other international students) and commute to the UdeSA campus via public transportation.  Such an arrangement allows students to live in the city of Buenos Aires and ride the bus to classes at UdeSA’s suburban location.

TCNJ students generally choose to study at UdeSA in the fall semester, although it is possible to study for a year as well.  The academic year begins in March and ends in December.

The TCNJ-San Andres exchange allows TCNJ students to pay their normal TCNJ tuition in order to study abroad.  All scholarships and financial aid awards will be honored.  Students will pay for their room and board in Argentina, and of course students will need to pay for an airline ticket and incidental expenses.

Here is a step-by-step guide for students planning to study abroad in Argentina:

Learn more about the Universidad de San Andres

Selecting courses to take at San Andres

Applying to TCNJ to participate in the exchange

Scholarship information for students studying abroad in Argentina