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TCNJ Semester and Summer Programs

TCNJ sponsors a number of semester-long and summer programs abroad at TCNJ study centers.  These centers give TCNJ a home base in a number of important world cities, providing students not only with places to earn credits and launch travel adventures, but also opportunities to pursue internships, establish a global network, and gain confidence as they move toward the job market and post-graduate education.

The great thing about TCNJ-sponsored study abroad programs – including exchanges – is that TCNJ charges board-approved rates for tuition and fees.  (In certain locations, additional fees above the standard “in-state rate”  may need to be applied.)  TCNJ credit will be awarded to students in these programs, and grades earned in program coursework will be counted in students’ degree programs at TCNJ.

This means that ALL TCNJ financial aid – federal, state, institutional, and private – may be used on TCNJ-sponsored programs and exchanges.  Unlike “provider” programs such as ISA, TCNJ students lose no financial aid studying abroad with us.

Here is our growing slate of TCNJ-sponsored programs:

  • TCNJ Heidelberg Program – Business and International Studies, Humanities and Social Sciences, Art History, Film Studies, Internships (after the Spring semester program is completed, for an additional fee)
  • TCNJ Italy Study Center – Bologna – Humanities and Social Sciences, Art History, International Studies  (taught at SAIS Johns Hopkins University Bologna Center) – starting in Spring 2015
  • TCNJ London Study Center – Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, Communications, Internships and Research in all subject areas
  • TCNJ Prague Study Center – Business, Humanities and Social Sciences, Art History, Film Studies, Internships
  • TCNJ Shanghai Study Center – Business, Chinese Language, Humanities and Social Sciences – starting in Spring 2016
  • TCNJ Spain Study Center – Alcalá de Henares (Madrid Metro Area) – Spanish, Community-Engaged Learning

And we remind you also that TCNJ exchange programs charge only TCNJ tuition and fees AND allow you to use your entire financial aid and scholarship package: