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TCNJ Heidelberg – Academic Program

Program Planners for TCNJ School of Business Majors – students who will be sophomores in 2015-2016

(Please note: Sophomores in business majors other than Accounting may also to study in the TCNJ Heidelberg program in Fall 2015. Sophomores in other School of Business majors may choose to study in either Fall 2015 or Spring 2016.  Sophomores should discuss their academic needs with their advisors to determine which semester would be appropriate.  Juniors and Seniors in the School of Business should not have any difficulty in finding courses in either the Fall or Spring semesters.)

Accounting majors should take ACC 201 on campus in the Spring 2015 semester, according to the suggested four-year sequence.

Fall 2015 (Subject to change - All courses = 1 unit = 4 credits unless noted below)

Please use this listing only as a possible list of courses in next fall’s TCNJ Heidelberg program.

  • Students need to choose at least one course taught at the ESC
  • Students need to choose one topic offered during International Week at the SRH (available in August once in Germany
  • Students need to choose one course taught at the SRH.
  • Students should also provide at least one alternative class at the ESC and one alternative at the SRH

Classes taught at the ESC (each course = 1 unit):

International Week at the SRH (each course = TBD unit, but likely a fractional unit)

Classes taught at the SRH (students must select at least one course at the SRH, and students cannot complete two courses in any five-week block, classes = 1 unit):


  • Entrepreneurship (MGT 381?)
  • Business Simulation (BUS ???)


  • Business Administration I (probably not an option for your business students, but perhaps non-business majors can take this) – TOPICS?
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECO 102)
  • Strategic Management (Topics in Management/MGT 370?)


  • Business Administration II (probably not an option for your business students, but perhaps non-business majors can take this)
  • Marketing Management (MKT ??)
  • International Accounting (ACC ??)

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