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Accepted Students into Winter 2016 and Spring 2016 Programs

You’ve been accepted to study abroad.  Congratulations!  

Check out our weekly series – Study Abroad 201: Preparing for Departure – starting on Wednesday, March 30, at 2:30pm in SSB 103!

Summer and Fall 2016

  • Submit an Academic Evaluation Form to the CGE with signatures from faculty, Liberal Learning, and/or Records and Registration (read the fine print on the form).  Our guide to Credits, Contact Hours, and Units Abroad will help students negotiate the translation of overseas academic credits into TCNJ units.
  • Submit Medical Forms to the CGE
  • For students working with third-party international education organizations (ISA,  et al.), make sure that all financial aid and scholarship awards have been verified by Student Financial Assistance (Green 101) and send the verification to the sponsoring organization.  These students will not be billed by TCNJ – each student needs to follow the instructions from the sponsoring organization to pay their program fees.  Scholarships and financial aid awards will be released to the students in October 2016, at which time students will pay the balance of their program fees to their sponsoring organizations.
  • For students participating in TCNJ-sponsored exchanges and TCNJ-sponsored study abroad programs, all financial aid awards and scholarships will be applied to your Fall 2016 bill from TCNJ.  You will pay for your study abroad as you normally pay for tuition.  In some cases, students will also pay for housing and meals through TCNJ, but many students will pay their host institution for housing and/or meals.
  • There is a series of information meetings about preparing to study abroad throughout April, including one on financial aid and scholarships that is required for all students who receive such financial assistance from TCNJ.  We encourage students to attend these sessions, billed as “Study Abroad 201 – Preparing for Departure.”
  • Pre-departure orientation sessions will be scheduled in April.  Students will need to attend one session.
  • Students needing a letter to verify their full-time status as degree-seeking students for purposes of applying for a visa should fill out our Visa Enrollment Letter request form.
  • Students living in on-campus housing should refer to the Residential Education and Housing website for information related to study abroad students.

Summer Faculty-Led Programs 2016

Students participating in a 2016 Summer Faculty-Led program will receive direction from their program directors about pre-departure meetings that provide an overview of what will take place during the program.  The Center for Global Engagement will hold several general pre-departure orientations in April.  Students will be asked to pay a confirmation fee of $500 through PAWS before upon acceptance and will pay the balance of the tuition and program fees will post to Summer bills.  The $500 fee is a portion of their “program fee,” which covers all travel expenses paid by TCNJ. (Please consult each program’s website for specific information regarding what is covered in the program fee and what is not.)

All Students

Study Abroad is an exciting experience, but it can also be a challenging one.  Preparation is key, and together with our international education organization partners, the CGE does its best to help students take the necessary steps for a successful period of academic achievement and personal development.  Here are some sites designed to direct students to useful resources:

Note: Please continue to check this page for updates related to the mandatory Pre-Departure Orientation, travel tools, packing advice and other resources for your upcoming adventure abroad.