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Study Abroad Alums and Peer Advisors

One thing we have noticed over the years among students who have returned from a study abroad experience…they can’t wait to go overseas again!  Study abroad helps promote a sense of global citizenship, and many people who have spent time abroad end up developing a strategy to integrate international travel into their post-TCNJ lives – as life-long leisure travelers, as graduate students in programs offered by a university overseas, or as part of their careers.

Once returned study abroad students confront “reverse culture shock” (experienced upon one’s return home after a period of time away), they often seek out ways to keep the spirit of study abroad in their lives.  Here are some suggestions:

Study Abroad 401: Coming Home Make the most of your study abroad experience by attending our series of short presentations designed for study abroad alumni!  CGE Staff and CGE Peer Advisors will provide resources to help students adjust to campus life, maximize the study abroad experience in grad school applications and the job search, and communicate their study abroad experiences effectively in interviews and conversation.

Create a Presentation about Your Study Abroad Adventure!  Got hundreds of photos during your semester in Florence?  Did you blog about your travel experiences in Spain?  Bought a number of unique souvenirs during your summer program in Tanzania?  Consider creating some form of presentation – a video, a PowerPoint slide show, or even a photo essay – that allows you to take everything in, process all of the data, and make selections about what part of the study abroad experience to share with others.  You’ll enjoy reliving some of those great study abroad “highs” while sifting through the pictures, and your presentation will have an impact on members of the audience – perhaps inspiring them to take a leap and study abroad themselves!

Become a CGE Peer Advisor!  Each year dozens of TCNJ study abroad returnees share their experiences with their fellow students.  Panel presentations, class visits, tables in the Stud, study abroad fair visits, and one-on-one advising in the CGE office suite in Green 111 – faculty and staff ask us to send them student volunteers to staff all of these types of events.  If you have an hour or two to share with us, we would welcome your presence in the CGE.  We will be advertising Peer Advising Sessions in the CGE – this is a great opportunity for students who are thinking about a career in international education to get some practical experience that would look great on a résumé!

Check Out Online Resources for Study Abroad Returnees!  We recommend that you take a look at these websites designed for students who have returned from study abroad: