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Programs[1] AIESEC Exchange Program (Worldwide) -within one of 107 countries -2-18 months More Info: AIPT INTERNational (Central Asia, South America) – Sao Paolo, Brazil or Hong Kong, China – 8 week Summer unpaid English-speaking internship -recruited based on skills, experience, and interests -All majors are invited to apply -Fields include, but are not limited to, business, finance, marketing, engineering, and computer      science -$2,900 for Brazil, $3,500 for China -fees include: accommodations in-country during program, placement with an internship, in-country staff support, medical insurance coverage, and visa support. CDS International (Europe, South America) -Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Argentina -Training, Internship, Independent Work opportunities -3-12 months, Summer Internships available in Germany and Spain -Tailored to skill sets and career goals -Assistance with language, resume, pre-departure, and in-country support -Scholarships are available BUNAC (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe), Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and France -Work or Volunteer Abroad -up to 6-12 months (Work) -Volunteer ~$1,500   Work: ~$450 CIEE (Asia, South America, Europe) –          Teach English Abroad in Chile, China, South Korea, Spain, or Thailand –          Time and Price vary based on region –          Can be paid Connect 1-2-3 (Africa & South America) -Buenos Aires, Argentina and Cape Town, South Africa -Unpaid internship and volunteer opportunities -2-6 months – can include internships in Advertising / Design, Architecture, Business consulting, Communications, Education, Engineering, Film / Photography,  Finance / Accounting,  Journalism, Human Rights, Law, Marketing / Sales, Medicine, Public Policy,  Social Work,  Sports Management, Sustainable Development, Technology, Tourism / Hospitality, Youth Leadership – Choose between a home stay and shared apartments with other program participants -Buenos Aires: $1,295, does not include accommodations cost but program will find accommodation –Cape Town: $1,495, does not include accommodations cost but program will find accommodation   Cross-Cultural Solutions (Africa, Central & SE Asia, Central and South America) 1 Week Insight Program: Ghana, Morocco, China, Russia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru Volunteer: Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, China, India, Russia, Thailand, Brazil, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru -Internship: Ghana, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania, China, India, Russia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru Insight Program: –          Volunteer abroad for one week –          Variety of dates throughout the year –          $ 1,946-1,993 Volunteer Program: –          3-12 Weeks –          Variety of dates throughout the year –          Cost:

Weeks Off-Peak Peak
2 US$2,923 US$3,143
3 US$3,299 US$3,547
4 US$3,675 US$3,951
5 US$4,051 US$4,355
6 US$4,427 US$4,759
7 US$4,803 US$5,163
8 US$5,179 US$5,567
9 US$5,555 US$5,971
10 US$5,931 US$6,375
11 US$6,307 US$6,779
12 US$6,683 US$7,183

Internships: -Education, Health, or Social Service -Placed based on your interests – Includes volunteer placement, cultural & learning activities, and academic structure -Ghana: 5-12 weeks, Morocco: 4-8 Weeks, South Africa: 6-12 weeks, Tanzania: 6-8 weeks, China: 3-4 weeks, India: 6-12 Weeks, Russia: 4-11 weeks, Thailand: 5-12 weeks, Costa Rica: 5-12 weeks, Guatemala: 4 weeks, Peru : 3-8 weeks -Variety of dates throughout the year –  Cost:

Weeks Off-Peak Peak
2 US$3,520 US$3,820
3 US$3,936 US$4,255
4 US$4,352 US$4,690
5 US$4,768 US$5,125
6 US$5,184 US$5,560
7 US$5,600 US$5,995
8 US$6,016 US$6,430
9 US$6,432 US$6,865
10 US$6,848 US$7,300
11 US$7,264 US$7,735
12 US$7,680 US$8,170

  English Open Doors (South America) English in Chile Sponsered by the Childean Ministry of Education and the United Nations Development Programme -25-hours a week teaching and 10 hours leading extra-curricular activities -4,5,6,8,12 Month Programs -$400-$600 -Stipend per month -Host family -TCNJ Alumni have done this trip   EPA Internships (Europe) -London, UK; Edinburgh, Scotland; Germany; Brussels, Belgium; Madrid, Spain Apply: -Semester long programs, Fall Spring, & Summer -Includes an unpaid internship, classes, and accommodation -Dates and Fees:  (~$14,000 for Semester, ~$6,000 for Summer) –London: -Bonn/Cologne: -Berlin: -Brussels: -Madrid: More Info: EUSA (USA, Europe) -London, Dublin, Madrid, Paris, Geneva, Bostonm NYC, San Francisco -Academically-directed internship programs -Politics, NGOs, Advertising, Marketing, Business, Finance, Economics, Televisions, Journalism, Arts, Healthcare, Education, Social Issues -Academic Credit -apartment-style housing     Global Aid (Africa, Central & SE Asia, Central America) -South Africa, India, Thailand, Ecuador -General Info: –Apply: -South Africa– – 2 week programs offered in both the Winter and Summer; 4-week Summer only -2 Week: $2,000  4 Week: $3,000 -India: – 2 week programs offered in both the Winter and Summer; 4-week Summer only -2 Week: $2,000  4 Week: $3,000 –Thailand: – 4 Week Summer only – $3,000 –Ecuador- -Clinical Work – 2 week programs offered in both the Winter and Summer; 4-week Summer only -2 Week: $1,500  4 Week: $2,500 -Home stay -Contact for more information: Global Experiences (Europe & Australia), UK; Dublin, Ireland; Seville, Spain; Florence, Italy; Milan, Italy; Paris, France; Sydney, Australia -Unpaid Internships -Placed by chosen location and career field -List of Career Fields and possible internships: – 8-12 week Spring, Summer, and Fall available -Fees range from $6,590-$9,490 -Dates & Fees for each program: -Fees include: internship placement, accommodation, on location support services, excursions and social events, travel and medical insurance, mobile phones, etc.  Non-English speaking locations also include language training and some locations also include academic coursework. Global Volunteers (Worldwide) -Year-round.  ‘Volunteer Vacation’ Short term: 1-6 weeks; or long term: 6-24 weeks -Teach English, care for at-risk children, repair buildings, health care services, work with children, and/or work with elders -Tax-deductable service fee  $50-3,000 that includes food, accommodation, ground transportation, local team leader, project materials -Can earn a stipend with the long-term projects   IAESTE Internship Placement Program (Worldwide) -For students in technical fields (Engineering, physical sciences, natural sciences, architecture, computer science, agriculture, etc.) -8-12 week paid, summer internships in over 30 countries – Internships are available in private companies, research laboratories, universities, and other academic institutions. -$1,200 dollar program fee -Most interns live in apartments with other interns International Service Learning Programs (ISL) (Africa, Central & South America) -Africa, Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru -Health, Education, General Service Projects, Hike for Humanity, Well Child International (Prenatal/Pedriatic) -Most teams are Medical based: General, Dental, Optometry, Public, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Veterinary -Do NOT need medical experience to join a medical team -Year-round: -~$1,500   Intrax Internships Abroad (Asia, Europe, South America) -Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; London, UK; Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; Santiago, Chile 8 week Summer internship -$5,600-7,900 -Internships within the fields of Advertising/Public Relations, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Non-Profit, and Operations -Especially for students interested in achieving an MBA -Scholarships and financial aid available The JET Programme (Japan) -Work in Japan, usually as an English teacher Language Corps (Asia, Europe, Central & Southern America) -Cambodia, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Russia, Turkey, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rice, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru Apply: -Teach English Abroad -Do not need to know any other language but English -Flagship Program, TESOL Certification Program, TESOL Plus Program, Short Term Volunteer, Volunteer Plus –Flagship Program: -Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam -4 week TESOL Certification -Guaranteed job placement -close-at-hand support structure -Accommodation and Travel Insurance -$3,995 –TESOL Certification Program: -Europe, SE Asia, and Central & Southern America -4 week TESOL Certification -Job search assistance -$1,695-2,195 -TESOL Plus Program: -Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Ecuador, and Mexico -4 week TESOL Certification -Job placement assistance -Accommodation and Travel Insurance -$2,295-2,995 –Volunteer Program/ Volunteer Plus: – Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam -8 weeks -TESOL Certification -Unpaid -Includes accommodations, placement, cell phone, medical insurance, visas, excursions, and local support -$2,295-2,995 The Nigerian School Project (Africa) -Nigeria **emailed for more information Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (OSCE) (Europe) http://www.osce.orgAlbania, Armenia, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, & Kyrgyzstan More Info: –  Vienna, Austria & Prague, Czech Republic: -Office of the Secretary General (Vienna): -Press and Public Information -Legal Services -Internal Oversight -External Co-operation Section -Gender Issues -Office of the Special Representative and Co-ordinator for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings -Strategic Police Matters Unit (SPMU) -Action Against Terrorism Unit (ATU) -Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities (OCEEA) -Conflict Prevention Centre (CPC) -Department of Management and Finance (DMF) -Department of Human Resources (DHR) -OSCE Documentation Centre (Prague) -Warsaw, Poland: Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) (Democratization Department, Human Rights Department, Tolerance and Non-Discrimination Department, Roma and Sinti Contact Point). Email: -Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine, & Kyrgyzstan: OSCE Missions The Peace Corps (Worldwide) Volunteer experience for graduates in education, youth/community development, health, business, technology, agriculture, and the environment ProWorld Service Corps  (Africa, Central & SE Asia, Central & Southern America) -Ghana, Thailand, Belize, Brazil, Peru -General Info: –Apply: -NGO & Non-Profit – 1-26 weeks -Date: First Saturday of Every month- Monday 2-26 weeks after start date -Price: Depending on country, starts at $2,400-2,800 for first month + $1,200-1,500 for each additional month. -ProWorld has an agreement with Seattle Central Community College to offer credits for our internships. -No language Requirement -Home stay (Thailand – Community stay) -Scholarship Opportunities are available -Some Programs include Cultural and Adventure Activities -Language Programs are offered -Volunteer to Staff Ratio never exceeds 8:1 -Projects include Social and Economic Development, Health, & Environment (you apply based on country and these 3 preferences, possible internships are listed below): -Social and Economic Development- –Ghana- Education and Youth Development,  Special Needs Education Development, Community Empowerment, Small Business Development More Info: –Thailand- The Wildflower Home (Women’s Rights), Women’s Education for Advancement and Empowerment (WEAVE), Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia (COSA, Women’s rights and trafficking), The Life Skills Development Foundation, Shan Harold Agency for News (Journalism), Heifer International (Business), Thai Youth Action Project, Baan Ba Khao Lam School, Mae Dta Man School, Teaching English to Monks at a Buddhist University, The Heaven Hourse Orphanage Baan Sang Thai Darron or a Thai Orphanage, Nothern Thailand Reading Association (working with refugees and migrants from Burma) –Belize- The National Organization for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NGO), Primary School Assistant, Summer Camp More Info: -Brazil- Arts, Dance, and Music School, Youth Sports Project, Work with Orphans and Underprivileged Children, Youth Development through Environmental Education and Art, Teaching Preschool and Children’s Day Care More Info: –Peru- Munacuyki and Calca Warmi Woman’s groups, Teacher’s Assistant at 712 – Education and Youth Projects, Los Valientes – After School Enrichment Program, Escuela Sagrado Corazon de Jesus – Teaching English,  and Track and Field Program More Info: -Health –Ghana- Health Education and Support, Clinical Health Outreach, Clinical Medical Placement More Info: –Thailand- Foundation for Older Persons Development (FOPDEV), Chiang Mi Provincial Public Health Office (CPPHO), Nong Han Primary Health Care Clinic,  Foundation to Encourage the Potential of Disabled People More Info: –Belize- Octavia Waight (help those who cannot care for themselves), BFLA (Belize Family Life Association, Family planning and pre-natal care) Public Health Campaigns, CARE Belize (therapy to children with disabilities), La Loma Luz Hospital (Clinical experience), San Ignacio or Belmopan Public Hospitals (Clinical Experience), Malaria Prevention & Health Education More Info: -Brazil- Providing Healthcare to Cancer Patients (basic level Spanish or Portuguese) More Info: –Peru- Cleaner Burning Stove Project & Water Filters Installation Project, Clinical Health Project, Public Health Project More Info: -Environment –Ghana- Environmental Awareness and Sanitation Project More Info: –Thailand- Work with Rescued Elephants and Rural Communities, Tree Planting and Environmental Research More Info: –Belize- Elijio Panti National Park, Itzamna Society (preserve the environment and Culture of Belize), Environmental Education Center More Info: -Brazil- ProBrazil Environmental Interns work in partnership with local NGOs, including beach clean-up and protection, animal protection, community education, and sustainable tourism.  Environmental Education and Art. More Info: –Peru- Cleaner Burning Stove Project & Water Filters Installation Project, Recycling and Compost Project More Info:   Re-Member (North America) – Pine Ridge Indian Reservation South Dakota, USAGeneral Info: -Volunteer Service Trip -One-Week -February-October – $375.00 -Check out an article about a TCNJ student who has already completed this volunteer work!!:

Pine Ridge Poverty

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Intern Program (UNHCR) (Worldwide, Mostly Europe) -Geneva, Switzerland & Budapest, Hungary including some field offices outside these two cities -2-6 months -offered based on availability -Unpaid -Apply: -online application: -Also contact by separate mail to field/branch office concerned with a cover letter More Info: United Nations Volunteer (UNV) (Worldwide) Apply: -Development Assistance and Humanitarian and Peacekeeping Operations -6 to 12 month renewable contract -Qualifications: -Values and commitment: -Strong commitment to the values and principles of volunteerism; -Ability to work in a multi-cultural environment; -Ability to adjust to difficult living conditions; -Strong interpersonal and organizational skills; -Prior volunteering and/or working experience in a developing country as an asset. -Professional qualifications: -A university degree or higher technical diploma; -Several years of relevant working experience; -At least age 25 when taking up an assignment (there is no upper age limit); -Good working knowledge in at least one of the three UNV working languages: English, French and Spanish. -Conditions of Service -To support you during your assignment, you will receive: -Settling-in-Grant calculated on the duration of assignment, which is paid at the beginning of the assignment; -Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) (not a salary) intended to cover basic living expenses, which is paid each month; -Travel on appointment and at the end of assignment as applicable; -Life, health and permanent disability insurance; -Annual leave; -Resettlement allowance calculated based on the duration of assignment, which is paid upon satisfactory completion of the assignment.   U.S. Department of State Intern Program (Worldwide) -Intern at embassies and consulates around the world. -Availability and posts vary from year to year -Fields include, but are not limited to, refugee protection (legal), international relations,   administration and public affairs. -Semester and quarter long internships in the Fall and Spring, Minimum of 10 weeks in summer -40 hour work week -Majority are unpaid – Paid internships for students with financial need, need to apply for –  Housing usually included -Looking for students interested in Business, Public Administration, Social Work, Economics,    Information Management, Journalism, and Biological, Physical, or Engineering Sciences -Partial list of Bureau’s offering internships: -Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) -Office in the Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs Bureau (EEB) -Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs (EUR) -Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR/R) And many more -Eligibility: -Be a U.S. citizen -Have good academic standing -Successfully complete a background investigation -Be able to receive either a Secret or Top Secret clearance – All applications are submitted online through the “Gateway to State” system, which also screens applications to make sure that they are complete, and that applicants meet the eligibility criteria. More Info about housing, bureaus, how to apply, etc: WISE Abroad (Australia, Asia, Europe, Central & South America) -Australia, China, France, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Greece -for college student and graduates -internships (6 weeks) and teach abroad (varies) -prices and dates vary: Search Engines and Other Resources -Arcadia had academic internship programs available and other resources listed on their site -International Internship Directory created by Michigan State University -find internship and volunteer programs based on location, dates available, etc. -article explaining what to expect when interning abroad –          A database of over 5,200 programs Interim Programs –          Interim Programs are meant for the year after graduation but before grad school –          148 countries to search within –          120 fields and interests to search within –          Find volunteer work in the UK or France -Database Search -Database search for internship opportunities worldwide -Provides information about: -How to find an internship -How to prepare for an internship -What to expect -a great resource by the University of Minnesota’s Learning Abroad Center -provides general information about interning abroad, explains application processes, and provides valuable assistance in finding internships -Database search on finding volunteer opportunities abroad How to set up site: Organize programs by: Paid-unpaid  (Work/Intern/Volunteer) Countries/Regions Opportunities for Current Students vs. Alumni Length Credit/Non Type (Teaching/Health/Business/Etc) Student Resources (FAQs?): Organize by Before you go/While you’re there/ Returning home: Before: Why work/intern/volunteer abroad? Define Internships vs. work vs. volunteer (what they offer) Before you begin to research Testimonials Role of Faculty (references/credit) Funding your program How to (try) and get credit Help with the application process Health and Safety (provide links, Center for Disease Control, WHO, The Travel Clinic, Learn about Destination (provide websites that give information about different regions:, lonely planet, frommer’s, etc) Help with airfare  (provide search engines AND tips) Customs Conversion Rates ( Passports/Visas/Travel Documents Insurance (if not offered) While you’re there: Embassy- why important What to do when you arrive Tips to keep safe Keep in touch (, time zones, country codes, cybercafes) Communication Abroad (Translators/Dictionaries) In case of Emergency List of Doctors/Hospitals Abroad ( Etiquette After your return: How to highlight your experience on resume’s Job search abroad?

[1] Program fees do NOT include travel to and from destination