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Sustainability Europe – Ireland and Portugal


The program focuses on a survey of best practices in sustainability in two European countries – Ireland and Portugal.  Students will visit a wide variety of locations featuring sustainable practices in the production of energy, in industry, and in farming.  Professor Deese will also take students to several leading universities in Ireland and Portugal to gain their perspectives on best practices in sustainability. Cultural excursions have also been included in the program. Students will visit multiple areas and cities within both Ireland and Portugal, including Dublin and Lisbon.

Course Description

Sustainability Europe is open to students from all majors. It is an overseas class to be conducted in both Ireland and Portugal during Summer Session I.  This class will cover topics including: renewable energy, water processing, sustainable building practices, government energy policy and the politics of environmentalism, and environmentalism as a social movement.  Students will be required to complete a number of readings before leaving for Europe.  They will attend daily lectures and educational tours while in Europe and be required to complete a final project upon their return to the United States.  Further information is available here:

Program Information

Course: IDS 470/ENG 470 – Sustainability Europe

Liberal Learning: Global


Dates:  May 20-June 3, 2018

Program Director: Dr. Anthony Deese, Associate Professor of Computer and Electrical Engineering

Eligibility: IDS 470:No Pre-Requisites, ENG 470: Pre-Requisites: MAT 128, PHY 202

Summer 2017 Program Cost:  $4,947.08 View budget sheet

Course Options

There are two course options in this program.

IDS 470: Designed for students in any TCNJ major and requires no technical expertise in math or science in which students will complete a non-technical written report and take an examination focusing on historical, cultural, and political issues related to sustainability.

ENG 470: Designed for School of Engineering students with the listed pre-requisites which includes an examination on the aforementioned theme while their written report will be  technical in nature, conforming to the expectations for a 400-level engineering course.

Students in ENG 470 may earn technical credit according to the following rubric:

  • Rising ECE juniors and seniors receive credit for one ECE technical elective.
  • Rising Civil Engineering seniors receive credit for CIV 381 or CIV 451.
  • Students in other majors should speak with their academic advisers.

Course Topics

Course topics include:

      • Introduction to Global Sustainable Engineering Initiatives
      • History of Sustainable Engineering from World Perspective
      • Introduction to Global Environmental Engineering Initiatives
      • Sustainable Infrastructure (focus on water treatment and waste disposal)
      • Modern Recycling Technology
      • Introduction to Global Renewable Energy Initiatives
      • Modeling and Analysis of Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine Technologies
      • The Role of Smart Grid Technology in Energy Sustainability
      • Wind Turbine Aerodynamics
      • Sustainable Medical Facilities
      • Renewable Energy for Biomedical Devices
      • How Do Energy Sustainability Issues Differ Between United States and Europe?
      • Comparison of United States and European Energy Sustainability Initiatives



Please contact the TCNJ Center for Global Engagement at, 609-771-2596.

Please review our refund, cancellation, and withdrawal policy statement should a student not be able to participate in the program.