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TCNJ Heidelberg

The TCNJ School of Business and the TCNJ School of Humanities and Social Sciences, together with the TCNJ Center for Global Engagement and the European Study Center, have established a semester-long and summer study abroad program for TCNJ students in the financial hub of Germany, the European Union’s most powerful member and the heart of European history and culture.  Students – particularly sophomores and juniors – may participate in the fall or spring semesters or one of two summer sessions.

TCNJ Heidelberg – Fall/Spring/Summer

Courses in Business, Humanities (including Art History), and Social Sciences

  • Program Cost
Fall 2016   Spring 2017


Heidelberg is located in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, the home of the German automobile industry, the Black Forest, and Germany’s oldest university.  The city has Germany’s best-preserved historical center, with one of the country’s oldest stone bridges and many buildings dating from the medieval and Renaissance periods.  Frankfurt, the home of the European Central Bank, is an hour away, and students have additional access to European institutions in nearby Strasbourg, France  and Luxembourg.  Heidelberg’s historic charm and winning location makes the city a great base for travel throughout the continent.

Academic Program

Semester students must take four courses, most of which will be worth one TCNJ unit (four credits).  (Exceptions to this rule are noted on our course schedules.)  Classes are taught at the European Study Center (ESC) and the SRH Heidelberg University.  ESC classes – taught by local faculty as well as TCNJ visiting faculty in English – range from Liberal Learning courses to German language classes to offerings in most business disciplines and the social sciences.  SRH classes – taught in English by the local German faculty at SRH – offer unique opportunities to take business courses alongside German and international students studying for degrees at SRH.

Students in the Fall 2016 program will take at least one course at the ESC, participate in International Week in October at the SRH, and take one course at SRH in order to take advantage of these unique learning opportunities.  Spring 2016 program students will take at least one course at the ESC and one course at the SRH.  Summer 2016 students will take their courses at the ESC.

German language courses and internships (to be completed after the end of the Spring program – not available in Fall) may be arranged in consultation with the European Study Center and TCNJ.  The list of courses in the academic program will be updated as frequently as possible to allow students to plan their study abroad semesters.  (Students who would like to take a fifth course will need to talk to the staff of the Center for Global Engagement.)

Students will be enrolled as full-time students at TCNJ and will receive TCNJ credit.  Grades for these courses will count in the students’ GPAs at TCNJ.  The TCNJ School of Business has been accredited by AACSB International.

European Study Center and SRH Heidelberg

The European Study Center is an educational institution in a prestigious residential neighborhood of Heidelberg, approximately ten minutes by foot from the historic downtown area and even faster by public transportation.  (Click on the link for an overview of the campus and pictures of the facilities and student residences.)  Students will attend classes, have access to computer laboratories, the library, and program coordinators, and participate in co- and extracurricular activities here.  Most students will also live in the student residences at the ESC.  (Students may be housed nearby in other residences – all students will have bedrooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens down the hall.)  Students will also be able to take advantage of all of the facilities of SRH Heidelberg University, and everyone will quickly discover that the entire city of Heidelberg is really a “college town” – over 30,000 students at the University of Heidelberg create a unique atmosphere for academic pursuits and student life.  (Check out the SRH Cube dining facilities, the SRH Campus Sports Club, and the SRH’s recommendations for night life in town.) The SRH Heidelberg University has a very helpful page for students new to Heidelberg, and we encourage everyone to explore what life will be like in Germany and in Heidelberg!

Cultural Program

A co-curricular program of travel is a central part of the TCNJ Heidelberg program, with day trips and a weekend excursion playing a key role in the INB/INT 250 course as well as the fourth hour in other program courses.  An updated list of destinations for the coming semesters may be found on the ESC website.

Students will also have the opportunity to travel on Germany’s dense network of trains and long-distance busses to various Germany and European destinations.  And as we have discovered in the 21st century, air travel in Europe is becoming less expensive, thus making a weekend jaunt to London or Athens possible for study abroad students.

Program Costs

Student in the TCNJ Heidelberg program will be billed for a special TCNJ Heidelberg fee that will be very close to the regular prices for TCNJ tuition and TCNJ housing.  Unfortunately, costs continue to rise in Europe, and we are working hard to keep the cost of the program as close to the normal TCNJ tuititon/fees and housing as possible.  As the Heidelberg program does not have a board plan, students will need to cook their meals in the fully-equipped kitchens located in the student residences.  You may also eat at the SRH campus cafeteria throughout the semester on an ala-carte basis.  (You will receive detailed instructions during orientation week at the SRH.)

TCNJ students receiving financial aid and scholarships will continue to receive this assistance without any reductions.