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TCNJ Heidelberg Summer – European Study Center

TCNJ Heidelberg, Germany – Summer

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Summer 2017

The TCNJ School of Business and the TCNJ School of Humanities and Social Sciences, together with the TCNJ Center for Global Engagement and the European Study Center, have established a  summer study abroad program for TCNJ students in the financial hub of Germany, the European Union’s most powerful member and the heart of European history and culture.  Students – particularly sophomores and juniors – may participate in one of two summer sessions.


Heidelberg is located in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, the home of the German automobile industry, the Black Forest, and Germany’s oldest university.  The city has Germany’s best-preserved historical center, with one of the country’s oldest stone bridges and many buildings dating from the medieval and Renaissance periods.  Frankfurt, the home of the European Central Bank, is an hour away, and students have additional access to European institutions in nearby Strasbourg, France  and Luxembourg.  Heidelberg’s historic charm and winning location makes the city a great base for travel throughout the continent.

European Study Center

The European Study Center is an educational institution in a prestigious residential neighborhood of Heidelberg, approximately ten minutes by foot from the historic downtown area and even faster by public transportation.  (Click on the link for an overview of the campus and pictures of the facilities and student residences.)  Students will attend classes, have access to computer laboratories, the library, and program coordinators, and participate in co- and extracurricular activities here.  Most students will also live in the student residences at the ESC.  (Students may be housed nearby in other residences – all students will have bedrooms with shared bathrooms and kitchens down the hall.)

Summer Session I

Course List

Session I Schedule

Application deadline March 1, 2017
Arrival in Heidelberg (plan to arrive by 1pm) Tues. May 30, 2017
Mandatory Orientation Tues. May 30 – Fri. June 2, 2017
Classes Start Tues. June 6, 2017
Add/Drop Deadline for ESC Courses Mon. June 12, 2017
Last day of class incl. finals Thurs. June 29, 2017
Check out of housing Fri. June 30, 2017

Summer Session II

Course List 

Session II Schedule

Application deadline April 1, 2017
Arrival in Heidelberg (plan to arrive by 1pm) Thurs. July 6, 2017
Mandatory Orientation Thurs. July 6 – Sun. July 9, 2017
Classes Start Mon. July 10, 2017
Add/Drop Deadline for ESC Courses Fri. July 14, 2017
Last day of class incl. finals Thurs. August 3, 2017
Check out of housing Fri. August 4, 2017

For more information about the Heidelberg Summer program, please email