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Financing Study Abroad

With a bit of time and research students can discover how the grants and scholarships they receive at TCNJ can help subsidize some of the costs of study abroad.

In most cases, financial aid (loans, grants & scholarships) can be applied to the cost of the study abroad program up to the cost of the in-state attendance at TCNJ. Exclusions may apply depending on the restrictions of the specific loan, grant or scholarship – for example, students receiving New Jersey Tuition Aid Grants and certain EOF grants may only use these grants on programs where the cost of the program is billed by TCNJ  (e.g. TCNJ-sponsored semester programs in Heidelberg, London, Prague, Italy, and Spain, all TCNJ exchange programs, and TCNJ faculty-led short-term study abroad programs in Winter and Summer sessions).

If you receive ANY type of financial aid, including loans, grants or scholarships from Federal, State, Private Lenders, or TCNJ, you must contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance to discuss your award package and limitations.

To find your financial aid or scholarship award amount and all other information:

  1. Log onto myTCNJ and log into PAWS.
    1. Under “Student Center” you will see a category for “Finances”.
    2. Click on a link titled “Financial Aid”, which lists everything from your Financial Aid summary to your Award History by year and cost of attendance.
  2. If you are receiving financial aid:
    1. Carefully compare the program cost and estimated expenses with you financial aid package; this information can be found in your Program Cost Sheet (which can be obtained from Roscoe West 202)
  3. If you think you need additional financial aid:
    1. Make an appointment with the TCNJ Office of Student Financial Assistance
  4. If you do not receive financial aid but want to apply:
    1. Make an appointment with the TCNJ Office of Student Financial Assistance and be prepared to file a FAFS
  5. To check on the restrictions of your SCHOLARSHIP, if any, please contact Joan Pageau at 609.771.3142 or at