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Transcripts from Study Abroad to TCNJ

Transcripts, Credits & Grades

Transcripts & Credits:

While students are studying off-campus, their PAWS account will reflect 12 credits during a semester abroad (Fall or Spring) or 6 credits during a summer abroad in order to maintain their full-time status at TCNJ. Once the transcript from the Host Institution/Program has been received by the Office of Records and Registration, it is evaluated and courses and credits are adjusted on the TCNJ transcript.

While abroad, make arrangements to have your transcript from your Host Institution sent to:

The College of New Jersey

Records and Registration

Green Hall 112 – Attn. Amanda Winfield-Summiel

2000 Pennington Road

P.O. Box 7718

Ewing, NJ 08628-0718

 PLEASE NOTE: Transcripts from Host Institutions can take a while to be sent by the Host Institution and received by TCNJ. This office suggests that students DO NOT STUDY ABROAD THEIR LAST SEMESTER because your transcript WILL NOT be received on time for May Graduation. Please ask a Study Abroad Advisor for more information about this.


Grades earned abroad are not factored into the GPA of TCNJ students. The TCNJ transcripts of students that have studied abroad will show the course titles and number of credits earned abroad but the grades do not appear on the transcript.

Some graduate schools will want to know the grades you earned abroad, especially for science majors. Those students often need to get a copy of the transcript from the Host Institution abroad or the U.S. Institution/Program Provider that provides the transcript.