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Scholarships for Study Abroad

There are funding sources available to help defray some of the costs of studying abroad. Click a category to see the different scholarship opportunities.

TCNJ Scholarships


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Mahoney-Meriwether Study Abroad Fund Scholarship      X                   X               X               X                X

Preference to students who: have studied a language other than English and plan on pursuing a degree in that language, are working on a double major, are first generation students

For TCNJ students who exhibit financial need participating in a study abroad experience. Mahoney-Meriwether
Mario & Doris Laurenti International Scholarship      X               X                 X                X                 X

Preference to students who: have studied the language of normal instruction where they are based

For full-time TCNJ students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 studying and/or conducting academic research in a developing country in Africa, Middle East, Asia, or Latin America. Mario-&-Doris-Laurenti
Stephen Persche and Caitlin Ryan Persche Fund for International Study     X             X                 X                X                  X For full-time TCNJ students in good academic standing demonstrating financial need. Stephen-Persche-and-Caitlin-Ryan-Persche
The Martha Smart Ferguson ’69 Fund for International Experiences     X             X                X                X                  X For TCNJ students in good academic standing demonstrating financial need. Martha-Smart-Ferguson-’69
Carla Faust Memorial Scholarship    X             X                 X                X                  X

Preference to students who: demonstrate financial need and need an ability to learn, speak and write a second language

For TCNJ students applying to participate in an education abroad experience–study abroad, international internship and service learning program–where TCNJ credit will be granted. Carla-Faust
The TCNJ Access to Education Abroad Scholarship      X          X                  X                    X                     X For TCNJ students who are participating in an education abroad experience who exhibit significant financial need. TCNJ-Acess-to-Education-Abroad
The Mary Roebling International Travel Award                                      X                    X

Only for students who: are studying in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Provides funding for HSS students to travel outside the United States to conduct advanced undergraduate work under the auspices of the College. The fund supports international travel for research, scholarship, creative work, service, and/or internship related to the student’s academic program. Mary-Roebling
The Morton Winston Scholarship for Study Abroad      X          X                X                   X                      X

Only for students who: have interest in pursuing human rights and social justice issues

For full-time TCNJ students who plans to participate in a TCNJ-sanctioned study abroad program who can demonstrate financial need and an interest in pursuing human rights and social justice issues. Morton-Winston
Sigma Tau Delta Study Abroad Scholarship      X         X                X                   X

Only for students who: are a full member of a current chapter of Sigma Tau Delta at TCNJ

For students studying in an abroad program that furthers the applicant’s engagement with Sigma Tau Delta’s mission for an academic term or year. Sigma-Tau-Delta

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