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TCNJ Exchange with Thailand-Mahidol Univ International College

 Mahidol University International College, Thailand

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Mahidol University International College is TCNJ’s exchange partner in Thailand.  With more than 23,000 students enrolled on three campuses in greater Bangkok and four campuses in other cities, Mahidol (pronounced Ma-hee-don) University is the third-ranked university in the country. Mahidol University is noted for its medical school, and practically the entire TCNJ curriculum may be found somewhere in the university’s offerings.  Mahidol University International College, a vital part of Mahidol University, offers a wide variety of courses in the English language. Students seeking liberal learning courses with a focus upon Thailand and South East Asia should find a number of possibilities each semester, and students may also find coursework in their major fields of study as well.  TCNJ students studying at Mahidol will live on the Salaya Campus in the suburbs of Bangkok (Thailand’s capital).  The city is close at hand, while students may also enjoy the comforts of a lively university campus in a safe environment.  Check out information about student activities at MUIC!

English is the main language of instruction at Mahidol University International College, but there are also opportunities to take foreign language classes, including Thai, Chinese, and other Asian and European languages.  Below we have a guide for applying to Mahidol for a study abroad semester. Students in most TCNJ majors may find something that works for their degree programs in Thailand.

The Mahidol academic calendar features three trimesters.  The first starts in September and ends in December, and the second starts in January and ends in March.  We recommend that students consider Thailand as a fall semester option or a year-long option for study abroad.

The TCNJ-Mahidol exchange allows TCNJ students to pay their normal TCNJ tuition in order to study abroad.  All scholarships and financial aid awards will be honored.  Students will pay for their room and board in Thailand, and of course students will need to pay for an airline ticket and incidental expenses.

Here is a step-by-step guide for students planning to study abroad in Thailand:

Learn more about Mahidol University International College!

Selecting courses to take at Mahidol

Applying to TCNJ to participate in the exchange

For more information about the TCNJ exchange with Mahidol University International College, Thailand please contact