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TCNJ Exchange with Victoria University

Victoria University, Melbourne Australia

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Victoria University, located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, is a “multi-sector” university with over 50,000 students. Approximately 28,000 students are in the university sector, with an equal number of students in what we would consider to be more of a “community college” setting. Our exchange focuses upon the university sector, with a number of subject areas on offer in one of Australia’s most exciting cities. Most courses in Australia are worth one TCNJ unit/four semester credits, which makes it easy to transfer academic coursework back to our campus.

Victoria offers TCNJ students interesting opportunities in the following subject areas:

  • Business Administration – VU has many different options for business majors, including a number of opportunities to learn about tourism and hospitality within a business context.
  • Communications – VU’s programs in Communication Studies and Media Studies should provide TCNJ majors in Communication with a wide selection of possible classes.
  • Computer Science – Computer science majors may find the offerings of the Information Technology program at VU of interest.
  • Engineering – Engineering features innovative teaching techniques from the foundation of Problem Based Learning. Students in TCNJ’s Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering should be able to find courses to take at Victoria.
  • Health and Exercise Science – The VU School of Sport and Exercise Science combines high-caliber research in exercise science with high-quality opportunities to apply such research to actual practice. VU’s special relationship with an AFL team in the neighborhood would provide TCNJ students with an opportunity to see what life is like in professional athletics! VU maintains a list of different degree programs here, and students can look at each link for individual classes.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences/Liberal Learning – Students in the School of Culture and Society majors will find courses to take here – many of these classes would work for Liberal Learning requirements as well.
  • School of Science – Students majoring in the School of Science disciplines should be able to find four classes to take without much of a problem at VU…although they may need to go beyond the usual department names and think outside the box! Students should start on this page and discover the possibilities.

Important Note: The academic year in Australia is a bit different from the US – “Semester 1” corresponds on our Spring semester, but it takes place between February and June. “Semester 2” corresponds to our Fall semester and runs from July to November. Check out the Academic Calendar as a reference.

Students will live in student residences near the VU campus. (We recommend Victoria Place if rooms are available there, although there are quite a few additional options available.) There is a kitchenette in each student room, and there are also dining facilities on campus. Learn more about University accommodations and its student housing database (with housing fees).

For students interested in studying abroad in Melbourne at Victoria University check out these helpful links:

For more information about the TCNJ exchange with Victoria University, Australia please email