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Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

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Short-Term, Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs

TCNJ faculty are encouraged to submit proposals to lead short-term study abroad programs as a way to help internationalize the curriculum of their departments, provide students with challenging academic experiences in the Liberal Learning program, and share the TCNJ story with international partners and friends.

Faculty work together with the Center for Global Engagement staff to develop these programs and make them available for students. The International Education Program Council reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the Provost.

Planning for successful short-term programs begins the year prior to the program’s academic year.  (A program running in May 2013, for example, must be proposed before March 1, 2012.)  Here are helpful resources for getting started:

Policy Statement Governing Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Guidelines for Proposal Development (including Timeline)

Proposal Form

Assessment of Learning Objectives in Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs

Policy Statement Governing Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

This statement will be published after the completion of the policy review process in Governance, likely in Fall 2011.

Guidelines and Forms for Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Faculty leading TCNJ students on short-term study abroad programs play an important role as we prepare our students to become global citizens.  Such programs often provide faculty with opportunities to teach in a laboratory setting, thus enriching their courses with experiences not available in central New Jersey.  At the same time, faculty assume additional responsibilities while directing study abroad programs.  The CGE supports faculty through the proposal process and during the implementation period of each program.  By following the following steps, TCNJ faculty should find themselves leading their students on overseas adventures in the not-too-distant future.

In the academic year prior to the program

On or Before January 15

A faculty member intending to propose a program for the following academic year needs to express their intent to the Director of the TCNJ Center for Global Engagement. This may be done by e-mail or in person. The Director will offer support to the faculty member and explain the requirements of the proposal process.

On or Before March 1

The faculty member will submit the completed proposal (with signatures from the department chair, the dean, and the director of the CGE) to the chair of the International Education Program Council (IEPC).  Here is the Proposal Form to use.

On or Before April 1

The IEPC will notify all applicants of its recommendations to the Provost.

April 15

The Provost will provide the faculty member and the director of the CGE with a decision.

May to August

The director of the CGE and the faculty member will develop the logistics for the program, create a marketing plan, and discuss program recruitment (including application submission/review procedures and communication of application status).  The director of the CGE will draft a budget of the program, and the CGE staff will communicate with all TCNJ offices supporting the implementation of the program (course contracts;student account subcodes; forwarding of all provider/vendor contracts to the Associate Treasurer; bid waivers to the Provost’s office).

In the program year

October 1

The director of the CGE submits bid waivers to the Provost’s Office for review by the TCNJ Board of Trustees.  Preliminary recruiting takes place at the study abroad fair in September as well as a special promotional event for faculty-led, short-term study abroad programs in October.

November to February

Recruitment and application submission continues.  Application fees and commitment payments will be collected by the CGE.


Collection of payments continues in the CGE, and payment of provider/vendor bills will begin


Pre-departure orientations for accepted students, and continued collection of payments.


Faculty Workshop for program leaders

Assessment of Learning Objectives in Short-Term Faculty-Led Programs

For more information, please contact the Center at  We look forward to working with TCNJ faculty on the development of new, exciting short-term study abroad programs.