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TCNJ Exchange Programs

TCNJ Exchange Programs and Payment

By agreement, TCNJ and an institution abroad each collect and retain tuition from their students. Each institution then exchanges students on an even basis. Typically, students will pay room and board at the host institution (school abroad). Such exchange agreements allow the TCNJ community to enjoy the benefits of having international students on the campus for a semester or a year. By going on an exchange program, you are giving the opportunity to a student from your host school to come to TCNJ and to enrich the diversity of the TCNJ campus! Exchange programs that are currently offered are:

New relationships are in development, and we will announce new exchange opportunities on our website and in other campus media.

(NB: TCNJ students whose parents work at TCNJ/who attend TCNJ on tuition waivers may use those waivers for exchange programs ONLY. STARS II scholarship students may also use their scholarships for exchange programs ONLY.)