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Curriculum Integration and Study Abroad

Curriculum Integration and Study Abroad

Each department at The College of New Jersey maintains a curriculum filled with learning outcomes that may be achieved on campus in classrooms, laboratories, and other learning environments. There are certain limits placed upon our curriculum based on the finite resources we have in Ewing on the TCNJ campus. We strive to overcome those resources at times – field trips, field- and community-based research, guest speakers, and thanks to new technology, synchronous and asynchronous presentations using the Internet. There is often no substitute for “being there,” though, and as a result we face restrictions in the number of learning outcomes we can foster in our departments.

Curriculum Integration – “CI” – in Education Abroad is an attempt to remove such restrictions and help students achieve learning outcomes that may not be possible on the Ewing campus. This page is a summary of resources designed to help faculty departments program a study abroad experience (for a summer, a semester, or even a year) into their department majors and minors, thus “integrating” their “curricula” with study abroad.

For more information and assistance, please contact the CGE at x2596.

General Resources on Curriculum Integration

A Baseline Survey of Curriculum Integration in Education Abroad (Forum on Education Abroad, 2004 – see also the Forum’s work on outcomes assessment in Education Abroad)

Curriculum Integration at the University of Minnesota
(includes system-wide resources and data related to study abroad at the various University of Minnesota campuses)

Curriculum Integration: Where We Have Been, Where We Are Going (Gayle Woodruff, University of Minnesota, 2009)

Moving Beyond Study Abroad: Comparative Case Studies of the Implementation of the Minnesota Model of Curriculum Integration (Brenda Van Deusen, MA Thesis, University of Minnesota, 2007)

Augsburg College CI Resources (including program planners)

NAFSA: Association of International Educators – CI Resources