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Study Abroad

TCNJ Cornwall Students, 2011Approximately 25-30% of each graduating class at TCNJ participates in an education abroad experience – study abroad, an international internship, Global Student Teaching, or some type of volunteering or service experience overseas.  There is a wide variety of options, including shorter programs in the Winter Session, Maymester, and Summer, semester and year-long options, and even programs with a Spring Break travel component.  A study abroad experience is a great way to stretch your wings and challenge yourself during your undergraduate career at TCNJ, and our advisors at the TCNJ Center for Global Engagement are an email away at   We encourage everyone beginning their research into study abroad to attend one of our weekly “Study Abroad 101” sessions and then send us a note at to schedule an advising appointment with you! This page provides you with some resources to start your quest for the right study abroad program (or two!) for you!

Getting Started

  • Where can I go?  All of our credit-bearing study abroad and internships programs are housed in the Program Directory.  (TCNJ students may log-in to this system using their standard TCNJ username and password; parents and others may review director listings without registering formally.)  
  • What can I study?  Practically anything!  We have opportunities for majors in all seven TCNJ to study abroad.  Students may not be able to study biomedical engineering in Japan, or nursing in Morocco…but we can help you find a study abroad program that works for your academic needs and your budget.  Students fill out an Academic Evaluation Form before departure and have professors approve their overseas coursework for credit toward their degree programs.  (Students usually provide their faculty advisors and department chairs with course descriptions and syllabi to help them with the approval process.)
  • Will I fall behind and have to spend another year at TCNJ? Not if you choose your courses and your study abroad program carefully!  With over 400 students studying abroad each year, TCNJ faculty and staff have a lot of experience accepting credits from international institutions.  With the right combination of careful planning and academic effort, students should have no problem finding four units of coursework overseas.
  • How do I pay for study abroad?  For TCNJ-sponsored programs – all of our exchange programs, our TCNJ-sponsored semester programs, and our short-term, faculty led programs in Winter and Summer sessions – all types of financial aid may be used.  For programs sponsored by third-parties – international education organizations such as ISA, CIEE, and others – there are some restrictions upon the use of NJ Tuition Aid Grants and EOF grants.  (Please see your counselor at Student Financial Assistance, Green Hall 101, for current information about the applicability of your financial aid and scholarship awards.  This office maintains a special page for study abroad students.)  For more information about study abroad scholarships, please check our our scholarship page.
  • OK, I’m ready to start my application!  For TCNJ students, log in to the Program Directory, go to the program listing for your desired program, scroll to the bottom of the listing, and click on “Login to Apply.”  (For students from other universities, be sure to click on the other box that leads to the Registration system, and then you will be able to complete the online application.)  We recommend that you take a look at our checklist for study abroad applications as well as our step-by-step instructions for additional assistance.
  • Questions?  Always contact the TCNJ Center for Global Engagement!  Green Hall 111 is our home, and we are open from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday during the academic year.  We are closed on Fridays in the summer months.  Our email address is and our phone number is 609-771-2596.