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TCNJ Spain – Information for Accepted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to TCNJ Spain! Here are some tasks you need to perform over the coming weeks:


Spanish Visa – In addition to a passport, you will need the following items to apply for a Spanish visa:

  • National Visa Application Form – submit one copy of this form – HERE IS A SAMPLE TO FOLLOW
  • One passport photo – go to Instructional Technology Services in TCNJ Library basement/$4)
  • Photocopy of Driver’s License
  • Letter of Acceptance from Instituto Franklin/UAH (provided to you by TCNJ CGE)
  • Letter from TCNJ CGE attesting to your financial support (confirming payment of tuition, room, and board – provided to you by TCNJ CGE)
  • Proof of insurance coverage (provided by Instituto Franklin/UAH)
  • Money order (NOT a personal check!) for $160, made out to “Consulate General of Spain”
  • Deadline for this information = Friday, October 28

Instituto Franklin/UAH Requirements: