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Available Courses

The Spring 2015 schedule is still in development, and we will be adding Liberal Learning designations shortly.  We post a rough outline of courses and when they are offered.  Please check back regularly to see if changes have been posted.

In addition to the Spanish courses listed below, we will have two Interactive Multimedia courses available, taught by Prof. Chris Ault.  These courses may be taken by both majors and non-majors:

IMM 370:  The High-Tech Expatriate

How has digital media, ubiquitous computing and constant online connectivity changed the experience of living, working and traveling abroad? This course will examine traditional approaches to living and documenting experiences abroad — from flaneurs to expat artists and professionals — then consider what is both gained and lost when traveling with contemporary technology. Students will build on this knowledge and analysis to develop their own approach to documenting their time overseas.

IMM 470: Community Design Lab

IMM students will collaborate with TCNJ Spanish-language students to develop digital and interactive media projects — web sites, mobile apps, etc. — in consultation with local organizations and business in Alcalá de Henares, considering various ways in which technology might benefit and empower the community.

Students may choose four courses from the lists below and the IMM courses above.  Each course is worth one unit.  Students may also arrange to take SPA 223 Experiential Learning for one-half unit of credit.  Prof. Ann Warner Ault will teach two SPA classes and organize SPA 223 experiences.

Spring 2015 Courses Available in Alcalá de Henares (Final Spring 2015 will be posted in September):


Monday and Wednesday

Tuesday and Thursday

9:00-10:30 SPA 211: Intermediate Writing Proficiency SPA 203: Intermediate Oral Proficiency
  SPA 270: La tecnologia y la sociedad SPA 270: Composicion conversacion: Espana a traves de los Medios
  SPA 370: Topics: Advanced Spanish SPA 302: Advanced Oral Proficiency
10:30-12:00 SPA 218: Business Spanish SPA 215: Spanish Phonetics
  SPA 270: Economic Relations between Spain and US SPA 241: Introduction to Literature in Spanish
  SPA 311: Introduction to Spanish Literature SPA 370: Topics: Global Dimension of European Soccer
  SPA 370: El arte en las ciudades: Patrimonio de la Humanidad en Espana SPA 370: Topics: Int’l Business – Communication and Culture
  SPA 370: Topics: Great Spanish Painters
12:30-2:00 SPA 223: Service Learning SPA 216: Current Events in Spain
  SPA Topics: Greco-Latinas de la cultura occidental SPA 219: Spanish for Health Professionals
  SPA Topics: Entender Europa – Presente y future de la Union Europea SPA 303: Culture and Society of Spain
  SPA Topics: Cervantes: Las aventuras de Don Quijote SPA 370: Topics: Globalization and the Spanish Economy
  SPA Topics: El premio Cervantes de la literature espanola



2:30-5:30 WLC 371: Introduction to Spain (taught in English) SPA 348: Spanish Cinema (only on Tuesday)
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