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Available Courses

The Spring 2016 schedule in Spain has been posted by the Instituto Franklin.

  • SPA203 Intermediate Spanish
  • SPA203 Traditions of Spain: Oral Communication
  • SPA211 Writing Skills in Spanish
  • SPA270 Comp/Conv: Spain through the Media
  • SPA218  Business Spanish
  • SPA219  Spanish for Health Care Professionals
  • SPA223 Experiential Learning/Social Immersion Through Community Service (.5 unit)
  • SPA241 Introduction to Literary Analysis
  • SPA270 Analysis of the Econ Relations Spain/US
  • SPA270 Global Dimension of European Soccer
  • SPA270 Phonetics and Oral Spanish
  • SPA270 Contemporary Spain: 20th & 21st Cent
  • SPA270 Introduction to Spanish Literature
  • *SPA270 Intl Business: Communication & Culture
  • *SPA270Globalization & the Spanish Econ
  • *WLC270 Greco-Latin Heritage of Wstrn Cultures
  • *WLC270 Understanding Europe: European
  • SPA-tba Andalucía and Its Muslim Legacy
  • SPA270 / SPA370 Immigration in Spain
  • SPA370 Spanish Culture and Civilization
  • *SPA370 Spain in Images-Span Society on Film
  • SPA370 Spanish Painting: the Great Masters
  • SPA370 Translation in a Bilingual Context
  • SPA370 Cervantes-Adventures of Don Quixote
  • SPA370 The Cervantes Award in Literature

Taught in English:

  • WLC270 Introduction to Spain
  • *Principles of Management
  • *Principles of Marketing
  • *Business Finance
  • *Health Communication
  • *Intercultural Communication
  • *Non-Verbal Communication

NB: Students should feel free to take course descriptions and syllabi to faculty department chairs and obtain credit equivalencies in departments outside Spanish/WLC.